ISP Comparison

How Do I Choose the Best ISP

Customers have a lot of options these days as far as internet service providers (ISPs) go. But while it is nice to not be stuck with a specific provider, it can be a challenge to know which service provider

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fast gaming modem

Why Gamers Need a Fast Modem

The gaming world has stepped up and now there are various gadgets to make a serious gamer have an improved gaming experience. Ranging from specially designed gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and more –

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Modem For Gaming

Best Modem for Gaming

No matter which game you’re into, the need for speed remains constant. As any gamer will tell you, speed is what counts when it’s a matter of life and death in an MMORPG. The better your connection,

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Router FAQs

Router Initial Setup FAQs

Setting up your internet does not need to be complicated. If you are looking to avoid an unnecessary service charge by your internet service provider, you can try to set up your router yourself. Here are

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DSL vs Cable Modem

What is the Difference Between a DSL and a Cable Modem?

You enjoy being connected at home via an internet connection that offers high speed internet. You happily browse through various websites and stream movies or play online games but do you know what type

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DSL and Internet Lights on a Router

Best DSL Modem & Router Combo

It can get tough trying to keep up with the various updates and changes in the world of technology. Knowing which devices to buy and keeping up-to-date with various features can get frustrating. You can

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Best Router Under 100

Best Router Under 100 Dollars 2017 & Wireless Routers

As we are closing in on the half-way mark for 2017, we suddenly start to realize how expensive life has become. So you wonder: what is the best router under 100 dollars that you can buy with the little

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Cox Approved Modem For 2017

Best Modem For Cox – Approved Cable Modems

Now you’ve decided to subscribe to Cox as your Internet Service Provider, there’s only one thing left to do. Decide on the best modem for Cox. Even though majority of their customers rent their cable

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dd wrt firmware

Open WRT vs. DD-WRT: Best Firmware For Your Router

Your router, if rented from your ISP, will offer standard configuration options that may leave you wanting for more. Sadly, if you are looking for better upgrades, you may be looking to be set back by

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DD-WRT Router

Best DD-WRT Router 2017

You know what a router is, but you must be wondering what the best DD-WRT router can do for you. Let’s go back to the basics if this sounds like French to you. We all need a modem, a router or a combo

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