WiFi Modem Router For Comcast

Best Router For Comcast Xfinity & Modem Router Combo (September 2017)

Many subscribers’ to Comcast Xfinity don’t realize that they have the option to buy their own best router for Comcast. You may have received a wireless router as well as other internet equipment from

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Asus RT-AC66U vs RT-AC68U vs RT-AC68P vs RT-AC68W

Asus has built its reputation to offer some of the best gadgets in the world of tech, and when it comes to routers, it does leave quite a few people confused, especially when it comes to its RT-AC series.

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Why You Should Be Using a VPN

We all know that the internet is an endless abyss of information. Not just information that you are looking for, but your personal information is also stored within the endless web. It is for this reason

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Cox Approved Modem For 2017

Best Modem For Cox Cable

Now you’ve decided to subscribe to Cox as your Internet Service Provider, there’s only one thing left to do. Decide on the best modem for Cox Cable. Even though majority of their customers rent their

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DSL and Internet Lights on a Router

Best DSL Modem For CenturyLink

It can get tough trying to keep up with the various updates and changes in the world of technology. In addition, trying to find the best DSL modem for CenturyLink can get very frustrating. You can rent

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Wireless Router For Charter Spectrum

Best Wireless Router For Charter Spectrum

Subscribers to Charter Spectrum may feel that they have the upper hand as compared to users of other ISPs, as they enjoy huge savings in not paying an extra monthly modem/router fee. However,

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Cyber Security

10 Ways To Protect Against Hackers

You may think that you are safe and protected, browsing the internet in the privacy of your own home, but in this world, there’s no such thing as being absolutely protected against malicious hackers

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Internet Speed Test

How to Monitor Your Internet Speed

Nothing much comes free in this world, and when it comes to technology and internet related stuff, you can be sure to feel the pinch. We can’t do without the internet and being connected is our lifeline

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Disney Will Pull Movies From Netflix

Have you, like me and many others, grown up on a pile of Disney movies? Well, if you thought that you could share the Disney love with your family via Netflix, think again. The giant recently announced

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Microsoft Earnings Beat Expectations Thanks to Strong Cloud Performance

Microsoft is, and has always been a veritable giant in the tech industry, but in the past decade or more, has faced tough competition from Apple. But Microsoft’s stock has seen a favourable rise with

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