WiFi Combo Modem Router Combo

Best Cable Modem Router Combo Guide 2017

In today’s warp-speed world having a fast and reliable Internet connection is a must. Thus choosing the best cable modem router combo is a key step. After countless hours of testing each single one of

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Arris SB6121 vs SB6141 vs SB6183 vs SB6190

Arris SB6121 vs SB6141 vs SB6183 vs SB6190

When it comes to the internet world with all its fancy gizmos and gadgets, there is one company that stands out. Arris and their modems SB6121 vs SB6141 vs SB6183 vs SB6190. Arris has constantly been

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Wireless B vs. G vs. N vs. AC. What Is The Difference?

You’ve decided to buy a new wireless router, but have no clue on the differences between Wireless B, G, N and AC? Are you wondering if it makes a difference which one you pick depending upon your internet

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White Netgear Combo Modem Router on a Table

New vs. Refurbished Modem/Router

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have a modem and router in your home. With most of us having access to many electronic devices, staying connected has become more important for keeping up

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Comcast Approved & Compatible Modem

Comcast Approved & Compatible Modems – Best Modem For Xfinity (2017)

The basic necessities for enjoying surfing the internet is an electronic device capable of accessing the internet via a Comcast approved modem and compatible router. Being the largest

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WiFi Modem Router For Comcast

Best Router For Comcast Xfinity (May 2017)

The biggest misconception of Internet users is that they have to rent the cable modem router from their Internet Service Provider. Leasing the cable modem/router equipment to the customers, it’s a

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Modem/Router Set Up

How To Set Up Your Own Modem/Router

You may think that setting up your own modem and router is stuff for the tech wizards, but with electronics becoming more commonly used every day, they are also created to be more user friendly. This means

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Wireless Router 2.4 Ghz & 5 GHz

What Is the Difference Between 2.4GHz and 5 GHz WiFi

If you have internet at home, you most probably have a wireless router. While a modem is what gets the internet to your home, it is a router that allows multiple devices to connect to the same network

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Best Router For Time Warner

Best Router For Time Warner Cable (TWC)

So you’ve finally decided on Time Warner Cable as your Internet Service provider, and it is time to decide on the best router for Time Warner Cable (TWC). ​Does it make sense to rent a router

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router wifi signal

10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Signal

With a house full of Wi-Fi enabled devices, making sure you have a strong signal throughout your house is important to ensure all users have an optimal connection. There are many ways that you can boost

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