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What’s the Difference between Waterproof and Splash Proof Speakers

As technology evolves the products we use present certain features we never dreamed of before. Manufacturers come up with incredible inventions for home or office use. The new generation of products has more features and an improved performance and design.

In terms of speakers, nowadays the worry-free portable devices can be taken and placed anywhere, from the wet grass at a picnic to the side of a pool, or anywhere outdoors.

Most of the speakers available on the market are splash proof than summersible. If you are not sure what is the difference, or if there is one between the waterproof and the splash proof speakers, read the lines below. No worries, I will not give you the dictionary’s definition of these terms, I am sure you know them. Instead I will tell you that the International Electronic Commission came up with a rating system for this type of products.

The IP Code (which stands for International Protection Ratings) can offer you more detailed information than the vague waterproof term or label. The IP Code basically classifies the degrees of protection provided against harmful ingress of water, in electrical enclosures. Basically, it tells you how much water, moisture or dirt the product can tolerate.

The IPX standard levels go from IPX -0 or no protection, to IPX- 8, which means immersion beyond 1 meter. Higher the level, better the protection. The products labeled as IPX -8 are designed for continuous immersion in water, being hermetically sealed or allowing some water to enter but in an unharmful way for the equipment. Keep in mind that there are some limits regarding the amount of time the product can be submersed under water and at what depth. Generally, the manufacturer is responsible for providing a list of these specific conditions.

Thus, a water splash speaker has the ability to stand water splashing against the enclosure from any direction without causing any harmful effect to the equipment.

The waterproof feature has more levels of protection: from IPX5 to IPX-8, which means the device can stand water jets projected by a nozzle on the enclosure to having the device totally submersed without altering its functionality. Though you may need to be submersed as well, if you want to hear it.

How is that possible?

Let`s take the new BRV-X and Scosche boombottle H2O which are trend setters. Both are rugged waterproof speakers. They benefit from the waterproofing technology called superhydrophobic coating. The devices are covered in nano elastomer coating which can repel water off the surface of the circuit board.

Also, the charging port and aux input are also covered with a flap, offering additional protection against water, dust or debris. A waterproof membrane covers the space between the holes and the speaker. The equipment can tolerate more surface tension since the holes on the speaker grate are quite small. They have been designed in such a way that the drop of water will sit on it rather than entering the speaker and travelling inside to the electronics, where they can do some serious damage.

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