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11 Ways to Save Money On Your Internet Bill

The Internet has become one of the most important tools in our daily life. We rely on this priceless tool for business, entertainment, education, communication and so on. Our thirst for high speed Internet connection has constantly increased and our addiction only keeps growing. With a click of a button we are able to get the answers or information we need within only a few seconds. The Internet makes our life easier on so many levels.

More and more people are preferring the Internet based plans over the regular phone, TV or long distance services, which makes cable companies charging more for the cost of Internet service, or to introduce monthly data caps.

Here are some tips on how to decrease your Internet bill, upgrade your service without paying more, and increase/get rid of your bandwidth cap.

1. Buy your own router


One possible way to save is to buy your own modem router combo for Comcast, Timer Warner or other ISP. You can find online or in the electronic store a model based between $50 and $100, that will suits your needs. Each year you pay around $120 in rental monthly fees towards your cable service provider. By purchasing your own piece of equipment you can start saving money within less than a year. Paying upfront the cost of a modem/router combo or a gateway may look as if you are losing money, but on the long term you are actually saving. The leasing fees add up and by owning the device you will pocket up to $10 or more monthly. Here's a guide to buying a modem router combo.

2. Downgrade your service

Ask yourself what is the speed that you really need. Is your current Internet plan based on your real needs? Could you settle for less by choosing a less expensive package? You might be having a more expensive plan that does not match your usage. Usually higher speeds come with a higher cost. Some of the major cable service providers provide the “basic” Internet connection for as little as $15 per month.

3. Review your bill

Please read carefully your Internet bill, reviewing all fees and charges. Pay attention to everything written in fine print as well. Don't hesitate to call your Internet Service Provider and inquire about anything that you do not understand or looks confusing. Ask the customer service agent about the fees that you could lower or eliminate. Sometimes a simple phone call may reduce a few dollars on your bill.

4. Negotiate your plan

You can always threaten your ISP that you will switch to their competitors if they don't offer you a better deal. Hopefully there is another Internet Service Provider in your area. If not, you could still try to ask for a bill reduction. Complain about their bad service, slow speeds, etc. Call several times, speak with different reps and it will happen. Keep in mind that the customer resolution department is the one that has the authority to offer you a better deal.

5. Change the Internet Service Provider

Check out the competition. Search who are the providers in your area and seek for the best deal. The price offers could have a similar price but they may vary in value. The things to look for are the base price, speed charges and the equipment. You may find a larger download cap or higher internet speed. Seek for the best deal everywhere. Some companies are even offering incentives to do the switch, while other provide introductory offers to gain new subscribers.

Before you sign up with another ISP please ensure when you are not stuck in a contract with your current

Provider. Paying additional fees for breaking up a contract won't help you save money.

6. Bundle services

The major cable service providers like Comcast usually offer discounts if you’re looking to bundle services such as Internet, phone and TV. Contact the service provider and inquire about their discounts and packages offers. Make sure you fully understand the length of your contract and read everything before you sign up.

7. Price match request 

If your friend`s Internet service provider is having a better deal, call your provider and inquire if they could match their competitor's price. Most companies value loyal customers and would be willing to negotiate a bill reduction in order to keep their customers. In case you benefited from a special price that is ending soon, check what are the deals offered by the competitors. Choose one that suits best your needs and call your provider before your current deal expires, asking if they could beat the price you found from a different company.

8. Call BillCutterz

If you think switching from one provider to another is a hassle or you have no time to fight your broadband Internet bill, you can always ask a professional to do it on your behalf. Billcutterz company offers a great service - they can negotiate with your provider for a fee based on the amount they save you.

9. Switch responsibility for the bill

Some companies offer really attractive sign-up bonuses, sometimes taking off up to 50% from the regular price for the first year. On the second year, instead of paying the full amount due, you could consider switching responsibility for the bill, by passing it on your partner`s name. Thus you may be able to enjoy a second year of half-priced plan. (Note that you may be required to cancel or switch providers in order to benefit from it.)

10. Share Your Internet Connection

If you have one friend or neighbour living in the same building willing to split the cost of the Internet bill with you, go head. This agreement may work better than you'd think. It enables you access and enjoy higher speed plans without worrying about going over the budget. You could use the connection at the same time or different hours, depending on your agreement. The sharing option is great because it keeps the price is steady and easy to set up payment terms.

11. Rely on hotspots

Maybe cutting your Internet cable completely was not quite what you had in mind when you thought of ways to save money on your bill. This option may seem a bit extreme but is the one that will make you pocket the entire amount spent on the Internet service, and use it for something else. Getting online outside of your house is not as challenging as it used to be. Nowadays there are many hotspots that you could use. Freedompop is an amazing wireless Internet and mobile virtual network option. They offer devices such as phones, tablets and broadband devices that come with 500MB of data free every month.

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