Best Modem Router For Cox

Best Modem & Router For Cox (Updated 2018)

If you are a Cox internet subscriber, you have a choice – rent a modem and router from them, or forge your own path to blazing speeds.

As much as we’d like to say that forget the hassle, just rent from Cox, the BlueGadgetTooth team simply can’t. This is because we’ve done endless research on various modems, routers and modem router combos to know that buying your own best modem for Cox and/or best router for Cox is way better than just straight out renting from them.

Advantages Of A Modem Router Combo For Cox

Cost Effective: A modem router combo for Cox is always the more budget friendly option as compared to purchasing separate models.

Easier Set Up Process: You only have to worry about setting up one device – instead of scratching your head to configuring two separate devices and checking if both are actually compatible with each other. As there are fewer parts to handle, you can get your whole combo set up and ready for use much faster than getting two separate devices set up.

Clutter free: With one less device to worry about, you also save space. For people who live in a tight space, every inch matters – and this is why a modem router combo for Cox is a great space friendly option. You will also have fewer wires get tangled up around the device.

Advantages Of Separate Units (Modem + Router) For Cox

Easier to Stay up to dateWhile the technology in your modem does not change so quickly, routers evolve in leaps and bounds. By choosing to have separate units, you can make your upgrades with only one purchase – your router.

Cheaper to Upgrade: You will not have to buy a whole new modem router combo if something goes wrong. You only have to upgrade one unit – either your modem or router.

Better Control Over Settings: You have the choice to use third party firmware like DD-WRT which will give you access to advanced settings and firmware.

Better Wireless Performance: By using your own units, you can choose the exact modem or router for Cox you need for your internet needs – ensuring that your model is better than a standard one given by your ISP. This leads to enhanced wireless performance for you and your space.

Say Goodbye To ISP Customer Service: When you have something go wrong with your unit rented from Cox, you’ll find yourself in quite a jam when it comes to getting things sorted out with the help of their customer care help lines. You may end up waiting for hours on a call, waiting for days for something to get done all while feeling like you’re better off hitting your head against a brick wall.

Buying a Cable Modem For Cox Is Better Than Renting It

Cox Modem Buy vs Rent

You may be asking this question in your head and we’ll tell you the reason why. For one thing, it’s cheaper. Yes, you can save money as well as receive faster internet speeds when you buy a Cox approved cable modem and/or router instead of renting it. Here are the basic facts. When you rent, you end up paying a monthly rental fee, even if you own your own router! But when you purchase a cable modem for Cox, you end up recovering your costs within a year, at times even less!

Unless you are planning to move within the span of a year, it makes the most financial and logical sense to invest in your own cable modem/router for Cox. You have the freedom to choose from various products ranging in price as well as features, which will give you the perfect cable modem to suit your specific needs.

Every customer is different, so why should you settle for the same old modem, when you can get the best modem for Cox Cable on the market?

Which Cox Cable Modems Are The Best Options on the Market?

So now you’ve decided to search for the best modem or router for Cox on the market, but what brand and model do you buy? You have to keep in mind that the modem you are thinking of buying should be a Cox approved modem. This is to ensure that your modem has the highest compatibility package to offer effortless streaming. It can get confusing due to the large variety available on the market, so we’ve narrowed it down to the Top 7 modems & routers for Cox that we feel is the best that money can buy. Here are our tried and tested modems for you to choose from.

Best Modem For Cox Cable





Check Now

1. Arris SB6190

(Editor's Choice)

1.4  Gbps

1 Port


2. Linksys CM3024


300 Mbps

1 Port


3. TP-Link 7610

150 Mbps

1 Port


4. Netgear CM500

680 Mbps

1 Port


5. Netgear N600

340 Mbps

2 Ports


Best Modem Router Combo & Router For Cox





Check Now

1. Netgear C7000

(Editor's Choice)

1900 Mbps

4 Ports


2. TP-Link C9


1900 Mbps

4 Ports


1. ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Certified For Cox

Best Modem For Cox Overall (Editor's Choice)

This Cox approved cable modem is our Editor’s Choice as the best modem for Cox for various reasons. Smart and sleek, the Arris SURFboard cable modem is available at an attractive price that pays for itself within a year. With a capacity for super fast download speeds and easy installation, this Cox approved cable modem tops our to-buy list.


You may be daunted by the idea of getting a new cable modem, but the installation is a breeze. This will be compatible with your ISP, but will require a cable internet service. If you’re not sure if your provider is cable, you will have to call and confirm.


The Arris SURFboard really allows you to finally get the speeds you pay for! When you’re using Cox for your internet, sometimes you get lower download speeds if your modem can’t handle the high speeds. Once your cable modem is provisioned by Cox support and is up and running, you’ll notice the huge difference. No matter where you are in your home, you’ll be able to download HD movies in seconds. Waiting for videos to stream will be a thing of the past, as well slow peer-to-peer networking applications. The Arris SURFboard has up to 1.4 Gbps download and 262Mbps upload speeds which means you get an enhanced personal media experience.


This is an ideal choice for many customers due to the simplicity in configuration, because there isn’t anything to do. All you have to do is set it up, give one call to Cox support for any doubts and to provision your modem and you’re good to go.


If you’re an avid gamer, a movie buff or need great internet speeds for work and video conferencing, this modem for Cox is the right choice for you. Having up to 32 download channels will ensure that your work doesn’t suffer, especially during peak times and if you are living in an apartment complex or have multiple users. Now play all the video games you want, stream all the movies you want – nothing will slow you down.

Arris SURFboard SB6190 Modem Pros

  • Quick and simple installation
  • Super fast speeds with up to 32 download channels
  • ​Up to 1.4 Gbps for downloads and 262 Mbps for uploads
  • Upgraded version of DOCSIS 3.0
  • ​Compatible with Cox cable internet service as well as other major US Cable providers
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 which is the latest Internet standard
  • 2 year warranty
  • Best modem for Cox on the market

Arris SURFboard SB6190 Modem Cons

  • Requires cable internet service

2. NETGEAR N600 (8x4) WiFi DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Router (C3700)

This has been an all round favorite for many customers because it is compatible with the various Cable Internet Providers and it's one of the Cox approved modems too. For those who don’t want the hassle of shopping around for a modem as well as a separate router can find that this works best for them. The easy installations and various features, along with great speeds make this a good choice for your home.


The easy installation and set up for all electronic gadgets in your home like iPads, computers, tablets and smartphones makes this a great choice for people who are not very tech savvy. We should know, we tried it out. The simple instructions and fast self activation, coupled with the genie app offered by NETGEAR makes installation a simple and quick thing. All you have to do is just connect it to your cable and that’s it. You don’t have to call Support as everything is done automatically, even the updates.

Even the easy Push ‘n’ Connect button allows you to connect to your WiFi wish a simple power off button available to offer convenient power savings.


This Cox cable modem great for medium to large sized houses, so if you live in the city – this would be perfect for you. However, if you have multiple levels or many walls between you and your modem router combo, you may need to check where to place your Cox modem/router combo so you get the best results. How many people connecting to your band and channel may affect the performance slightly. The NETGEAR N600 offers reliable connectivity which is great news for those who work from home. The Simultaneous dual band reduces WiFi interference which means faster and better internet for you.


The speed you get is the speed you pay for. You should check with your ISP and also see if your wireless card has the capability to receive the 5.0 signal to get the fast speeds that this modem can handle. With the DOCSIS 3.0, which is an upgrade from the previous 2.0 version, you can get up to 8 times faster download speeds with this dual modem router combo, reaching up to 340 Mbps, even during peak hours.


It is compatible with most major ISPs and having 8 download and 4 upload channels, you can be assured of an efficient and reliable internet access that will make your internet work effortless. With the Guest Network Access, you don’t have to worry about sharing your password – keep your network secure, while providing your guests with internet access. The WPA/ WPA2 offers the highest level of wireless security and the Ready SHARE USB Access helps you access the USB hard drive wirelessly. It works really well with DLNA TVs and all gaming consoles. Fun time for you and the kids!


Because of the Gigabit wired, you can go for HD Gaming and video streaming with no lagging. Say hello to instant video streaming so that you don’t have to wait to know what happened next in your favorite TV series or get wiped out in an online game because your internet lagged a bit. We know how frustrating that can be. Also, it’s great if you have many family members sharing the Wifi.

Netgear N600 Pros

  • Offers fast and reliable internet speeds
  • Dual band
  • ​Intuitive and easy to use NETGEAR Genie software
  • Great price
  • ​Great for multiple users and HD video gaming and streaming
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 which is the latest Internet standard
  • Modem router combo approved by Cox

Netgear N600 Cons

  • Can’t connect to a VPN

3. NETGEAR CM500 (16x4) DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

The competitively priced NETGEAR CM500 has proven to be our pick for best value for money out of all the Cox cable approved modems we have researched. Simple self activation means no more depending on making that call to support and best of all, great internet speeds of which we will tell you in detail below.


Easy installation means the NETGEAR CM500 gets loads of brownie points. There is fast web activation and you can get connected in a short while without having to resort to service calls for support. Installing this made us feel like tech savvy people even though we aren’t. In case you get a prompt, just call the 1-800 number and you’ll be up and running within minutes.


When it comes down to it, no matter how easy it is to install, if the modem doesn’t perform like it is supposed to, it is worth nothing. However the NETGEAR CM500 performs like a dream. We found out that it does perform best on OS running a TCP/ IP network and Mac OS as well as Microsoft Windows 7 and higher. For browsers, we suggest using IE 5.0, Firefox 2.0, Safari 1.4 or Google Chrome 11.0 and higher.


This Cox cable modem offered up to 680 Mbps. With the DOCSIS 3.0, it is 16 times faster than the previous 2.0 version and we noticed the difference in streaming our videos and gaming. We really tried to put it to the test and you can imagine many gamers online together. Well, needless to say, it passed with flying colors as there was no lagging at all.


You can connect your laptops, smartphones, tablets and more without compromising on your internet quality. You can buffer Netflix on all devices with no buffering which is great if you have a family who likes doing their own thing.


This works best for HD streaming and gaming on multiple devices. You will definitely see a huge upgrade from the previous model and trust us, this unit will not disappoint. This is the best modem for Cox if you want to get the most value for your money.

Netgear CM500 Pros

  • Easy installation
  • Noticeable speed increase from previous models
  • Great price
  • ​Compatible with major ISPs
  • Multiple downstream and upstream channels (16 x 4)
  • Gigabit Ethernet port

Netgear CM500 Cons

  • It can heat up

4. TP-Link DOCSIS 3.0 343Mbps High Speed Cable Modem TC-7610-E

Best (Budget) Cable Modem For Cox

Not everyone wants to shell out a ton of money to buy the latest cable modems, and if your needs are few and your pocket is light, we suggest going in for this TP-Link model. The attractive pricing makes sure that this cable modem for Cox pays for itself within 7 months or so.


Simply hook your modem to the existing cable line, wait for it to boot up and within 5 minutes you should be online. It’s so simple that you don’t even have to talk to Customer service.


For the great price, you find that you don’t have to compromise on your internet. The lightening fast gigabit Ethernet port allows the TC-7610 to continue gaming happily and stream HD videos without lagging or investing triple the amount for a modem. The great download and upload speed will cover any basic user, even during peak times.


You may be wondering, am I compromising on my internet speed by going in for such a low priced model or should I just bite the bullet and purchase the best modem for Cox? When you purchase this Cox approved modem, you upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0 technology which enable download speeds up to 343 Mbps and upload speeds of 143 Mbps. We found no lagging or problem with this modem and our gaming time was happily lag-free.


The 8x4 channel bonding means uninterrupted streaming during peak hours and being so easy to install makes this an easy choice for the basic user. The fact that it is not a router combo gives you the control for updates and more. The 3.0 upgrade over the 2.0 increases your internet speed and doubles your download capability, which is great news for any net savvy person, not to mention the multiple network safeguards as well.


This works great for people working from home, basic users and gamers. You can watch your HD videos with no hassles. This great piece is the best modem for Cox if you want to spend as little as possible. Period.

TP-Link Pros

  • Unbeatable Price
  • Easy Installation
  • DOCSIS 3.0 technology with 343 Mbps download speed and 143 Mbps upload
  • ​Compatible with major ISPs

TP-Link Cons

  • Not the best option for heavy users and multiple devices

5. Linksys High Speed DOCSIS 3.0 24x8 Cable Modem Cox Certified

High Performance Modem For Cox Cable

For any internet user, performance is key. When you are working on a late night project, have a family who are watching their own series or are involved in a tough multiplayer HD gaming moment, this super performance cable modem for Cox comes highly recommended.

Meant for broadband subscription plans of 250 Mbps and higher, the Linksys 24x8 CM3024 modem optimizes your internet service so you enjoy uninterrupted strong WiFi for all your internet needs. It’s pointless paying a lot of money to get a high speed connection only to have your equipment hold you back.


The easy plug and play set up says goodbye to tedious installations and makes the transition from making the change from your old modem to this one a piece of cake. Simply plug the Linksys CM3024 into a power source and the coaxial cable to connect the modem into a wall jack. Connect your Cox cable modem to your WiFi router via the Ethernet cable and you’re good to go. It’s as simple as that. We couldn’t believe how easy it was! We didn’t even have to call Customer service.


This is rated as our High Performance cable modem for Cox for a good reason. Many people depend on their internet connection for their work and also for fun pursuits which can occupy a lot of your bandwidth. HD gaming, streaming HD videos and more, coupled with video conferencing makes this the best option. The 24 download and 8 upload channels means you get high speed internet even in peak times. Say good bye to loading and buffering times with this Cox approved modem.


This Cox cable modem will maximize your WiFi speeds in your home so you get the most out of your high speed connection. The Linksys CM3024 is meant for users who have a broadband subscription plan that offers 250 Mbps and higher. The Intel Puma 6 chipset makes a huge difference in streaming as it helps to achieve high-speed downstream and upstream performance so that you can get 960 Mbps which is 24 x faster than before!


We challenge you to test out as many devices as you can, with simultaneous online gaming, HD media streaming, web surfing and more. We tried it and it passed with flying colors. You never see your video buffering and lagging and for those who are net and tech savvy, this is considered to be the best on the market in terms of performance and speed optimization.


It’s great for anything! Happily stream HD videos on multiple devices, have multiplayer gaming sessions, this modem won’t let you down.

Linksys Pros

  • Unparalleled performance
  • 24 download and 8 upload channels
  • DOCSIS 3.0
  • ​Features Intel Puma 6 chipset
  • Easy plug ‘n’ play setup
  • ​High speed downstream and upstream up to 960 Mbps
  • Compatible with all major ISPs

Linksys Cons

  • May get a little warm
  • Need to purchase extended warranty

6. Netgear Nighthawk C7000 Cable Modem Router Combo Certified For Cox

Best Modem Router Combo For Cox (Editor's Choice)


To begin with, the installation process was simple enough for any person with basic knowledge to handle. The instructions included in the package are quite clear, and it helped that we didn’t have to set up two separate devices, saving us time.

While before, our internet connection had this mysterious gift to keep getting disconnected, after we installed the Nighthawk C7000, those puzzling internet disconnects disappeared completely!

The range on this modem router combo is exceptional – with the speeds bumping up to nearly double of what we were receiving earlier! On the Cox Ultimate, we were getting only 182Mbps download speeds, but now those speeds reached 292Mbps download with 29.94Mbps upload on the 5GHz band, and around 96.4Mbps download speed on the 2.4GHz band.

Even the range seemed to increase. While we had certain dead zones in our home, those dead spots were eliminated – like our garden shed nearly a hundred feet away which barely received any signal before would now receive a fairly decent signal – so if someone was pottering around in the shed – they would be connected.

Just make sure that you download the app so that you can be connected and control your network remotely – being self dependent is so much better than trying to get help from a helpline which may charge you for their services!

Best of all, we didn’t face any dropped connection speeds during peak hours, even though we had multiple devices connected, with all of them running constantly.


This is a great option for a disappointed gamers looking to up their game. From people with multiple devices that need to be connected constantly to the net, avid movie buffs who want to watch their favourite show or movie without any buffering, or gamers who want to stay in the game to kick ass, the Nighthawk C7000 is the best upgrade you can make to your home or office space.

Netgear Nighthawk C7000 Pros

  • Excellent 5GHz speeds
  • Simple set up process with given instructions
  • DOCSIS 3.0
  • Increased range
  • 3 in 1 - modem, router, and 4 Gigabit wired switch
  • 24x8 channels
  • Dual band

Netgear Nighthawk C7000 Cons

  • Some people have faces problems with instruction manual - but we have to be honest, it was pretty easy to get this set up

7. TP-Link Archer AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (C7)


The design of the C7 is nothing out of the extraordinary, but this router is definitely worth its weight in salt. The performance on the C7 outshines other models nearly triple the price of this budget friendly router. A reliable mid-range router in the wireless router segment, it has many specs that are missing in other routers in a similar price range.

The set up process is extremely easy – just give yourself 5 minutes to get the whole thing up and running. We faced no complications during set up. The C7 also offers a very flexible set up process apart from the regular process, so that you can customize the router to the way you want it to be – just a head’s up – you need to know what you’re doing. You can even use open source software to tweak settings.

Living in a house with 3 floors, our previous router would have a weak signal in our rooms two floors above. This router bumped up the bars to 3, from the previous weak 1. The coverage is exceptional, reaching places where we needed the help of extenders before.

When we tested the C7, at close range we got speeds of 306Mbps on the 5GHz band, with the speeds falling to 265Mbps at a distance of 20 feet. The 2.4GHz did not deliver strong speeds – with the speed averaging at 52Mbps at a distance of 20 feet. However, the range this router delivers is excellent. We managed to catch a signal on our notebook from a distance of 120 feet!

You can also set up Parental Controls via the MAC addresses of devices your children use.


The C7 is a great choice for people looking for value for their money and want to get their entire home connected without compromising on features. Parents will love this model – both for the price and the parental controls.

TP-Link C7 Pros

  • Great parental controls
  • 2 USB ports
  • Excellent 5GHz performance and Beamforming technology
  • On/Off switch for wireless broadcasts
  • Power Button
  • 24x8 channels
  • 6 antennas with dedicated Skyworks amplifiers

TP-Link C7 Cons

  • No USB 3.0 Port
  • Average performance on the 2.4 Ghz band
  • No MU-MIMO support

What to Consider Before Buying a Cable Modem For Cox

There are many factors that determine which cable modem you should purchase. Firstly, it should be on the Cox approved modems list so that you face no issues when you try to connect. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a product only to find that it is not compatible with your Internet Service Provider.

1) Your living situation is the next factor

If you will be moving within a few months, it will make no sense for you as the new location that you will move to may have a different ISP which could affect the compatibility of your modem even if you currently have your own best modem for Cox. Secondly, you have to consider purchasing a broadband solution either through your local cable provider or DSL through a third party company or through an ISP. You should also ensure that your Cox router is compatible with the modem you purchase.

2) Your computer interface could affect the type of Cox cable modem you purchase

So you would have to check if your computer has the available connections. This being done, you will have to think about your budget. As prices can vary drastically based on modem speed and performance, it is necessary to know your own specific needs. For example, if you are going to be checking mail and streaming a few movies here and there, you don’t have to opt for a top-of-the-line model. However, if you are an avid gamer or a huge movie buff or even just work from home, then you should purchase a performance geared modem for Cox.

3) You will also have to choose between purchasing a new modem or a refurbished on

You could save a lot of money just by opting for a refurbished model. If it is refurbished, take care to see how old the model is as older models may have a higher chance of failure and may come with a few cosmetic scratches that will not affect the modem’s performance.

4) The number of devices that will be connected to the Internet will affect the performance as well.

If you have a few devices, your requirement will be different from a large family utilising multiple devices for HD gaming and streaming. There are options of stand alone modems or modem router combos as well.

5) Take a close look at the DOCSIS

Which is an abbreviation for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. There is DOCSIS 1.0, DOCSIS 2.0, DOCSIS 3.0 and higher. The higher the DOCSIS number, the better performance of your modem. However, you will be limited by your Internet connection. If have subscribed for a certain plan, you will not get a higher speed connectivity by purchasing a top of the line modem.

6) Compatibility

One final check before purchasing the modem of your choice would be to check if it is compatible with your devices. With today’s industry standards, it should be a problem, but it doesn’t hurt to take a second look.

7) Where you buy the best modem for Cox from

Last but not least, you should purchase your modem only from a reputable source. After doing all the research and finally taking the plunge, you don’t want to end up with a bogus product.

Why it’s Important That The Modem Is Approved By Cox

Modem Backside - Cox Approved Modem

Your modem should be compatible with your ISP, so your modem has to be a Cox approved modem. They have a list of modems that have been tested so you have a list to refer to when you are considering a purchase. Due to the large range of modems available, it can be easy to choose one based on specs as well as performance, but that won’t mean a thing if it is not compatible with Cox.

Also, your service speed will determine what modem you should get. So if you are subscribing to a lower data plan, you shouldn’t buy a high performance modem. Cox offers nationwide services, and there are various models available in different states. Based on the subscription plan, you should purchase a modem that is not out of date for your ISP.

Your ISP may increase your internet speeds as they fight competition from other leading ISPs and this would affect the model of modem your purchase. If they will increase your internet speeds, then you should, by all means, actually get the speeds advertised.

Why It’s Better To Buy Your Own Best Modem For Cox

When you rent a modem from your ISP, you are to a certain extent, throwing money away. Most ISPs charge a certain rental fee every month and Cox is no exception. You could find yourself paying anything between $5 - $10 or even more when you rent a modem. Even if you move, you have to return that modem back to them.

The best reason to make the switch is because it is a huge money saver. When you purchase and install the best modem for Cox, you end up saving on rental fees that will allow you to recoup your initial investment within a year or so. Compare this to paying a fee every single month for years, you’ll realise that the onetime investment is a better idea in the long run. As modems last for a long while, you can be sure that you will incur higher savings over time.

Secondly, we’re sure that the cable modem your ISP gave you does a good enough job, but with today’s fast internet speeds, you don’t want to be in a position where you compromise your internet performance. As the technology does not really change much over time, many ISPs use modems for many years. Chances are that your rental modem is an older one that probably can’t handle the new technology of your ISP is pretty high.

By buying one of the Cox approved modems, you ensure you get the optimum speeds, especially if your subscription plan is for a higher speed package. With a rental modem, you are restricted from making any changes or having any limited control and access to the Web-based control interface. This means you can’t really make any changes to your network which can be a problem if you want to troubleshoot any internet issues you have.

The last reason why you should buy a Cox approved modem instead of renting it is that if it ever goes bust, for whatever reason, it takes time to fix it. This is the case even if your ISP provides free support or even offers a replacement. You can probably get a modem at the store faster and get all set up before they even say, ‘How can we help you’ when you call them up. For many people for whom staying online 24/7 is a priority for work purposes or for any other, being able to stay connected and quickly is important.

Final Words – Wrapping It Up

Being more aware of the options around you makes it easier to make a well informed decision when purchasing a best modem/router for Cox that will suit your needs. For many, the thought of buying a cable modem for Cox yourself is daunting because you start to worry about various problems that may occur. But as technology has advanced, so has understanding the customer.

Many modems and routers are so easy to install, that the days of relying on your ISP for a rental modem is a thing of the past. Also, knowing the costs up front makes the decision a lot easier. Rental fees have increased gradually over the years and something that cost only $4 per month at one point of time could have doubled by now.

The internet is a permanent necessity and we don’t see it going anywhere, so may as well get the best modem that will serve you and your family well and last for many years. So why settle and pay for an old one modem when you can own your very own which perfectly suits your needs? The decision is yours.

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