AC1200 vs AC1750 vs AC1900 WiFi Routers

AC1200 vs AC1750 vs AC1900 Routers (Updated 2018)

Every action made on the online world goes through a modem, and more often than not, a wireless router.

One frequently asked question was what was the difference between AC1200 vs AC1750 vs AC1900 routers. Now, just to make things clearer, these are simply terms that identify the speeds of the devices developed under the umbrella of WiFi technology.

To really break things down further, the letters AC refer to the internet standard. When it was first released, A was released. Since then, we have seen 802.11 B, G, N and now AC which is the latest internet standard. Manufacturers use this combination of letters to identify the router’s speed. The numbers shown next to the letters displays the theoretical speeds that the router can achieve.

The higher the number next to the letters, the higher the theoretical speeds

Main Difference Between AC1200 vs AC1750 vs AC1900

Internet speed and AC1200, 1750, 1900

AC1900 Routers

AC1900 routers have a combined speed of 1900 Mbps. This includes 1300 Mbps which is available on the 5GHz band and 600 Mbps available on the 2.4GHz band. As this speed is available on dual band routers, the total theoretical speed which can be achieved by your router will be 1900Mbps.

AC1750 Routers

Similarly, AC1750 router has the capability to reach 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz band and 450 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, and collectively added up gives the number of 1750. (1300 + 450).

AC1200 Routers

This type of router does not have features that are solely limited to the internet technology standard of 802.11AC and may have more features like Ethernet and USB ports, flexible network accessibility and more.

It may be a good point to remember that each of these routers have different speed levels, but they also have specs that are unique to them. As there are many sub-models under the umbrella of each, it is advisable that you carefully check the specs of each to know which router is best for your internet needs.

It can get tricky getting the finer details for each type, so our team at BlueGadgetTooth decided to compare AC1200 vs AC1750 vs AC1900 to know which router is the best in each type.

AC1200 vs AC1750 vs AC1900 Overview





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1. TP-Link C1200 (AC1200)

1200 Mbps

4 Ports


2. Netgear R6700 (AC1750)

1750 Mbps

4 Ports


3. Netgear R7000 (AC1900)

(Editor's Choice)

1900 Mbps

4 Ports


How Is The Maximum Wireless Bandwidth Measured in Manufacturer's Labs?

You may notice the different numbers affixed to routers – such as AC1200, AC1750, AC1900, AC3200 and etc, but these are not the maximum real speeds your router can achieve. Instead, they are the cumulative speeds all bands on the router combined can achieve. For example, an AC1750 router offers 1300Mbps on the 5GHz band and 450Mbps on the 2.4GHz band.

While many customers may get fooled into thinking that a router with a higher number affixed to the package is a better deal, this is not always the case. The speeds you access on the AC1750 router and the AC3200 router will still use a 5GHz band with theoretical speeds that reach 1300Mbps – that too in lab tests.

The lab tests don’t involve real life scenarios. Most customers don’t use state of the art technology and PCs, or have the latest wireless network card. However, companies use the most high end gadgets with the best processors, wireless network card and RAM possible so that the highest speeds can be achieved within that lab testing environment.

These labs also don’t have thick walls which could interfere with the signal, with the least amount of devices possible connected to the network. The distance between the tested devices and router will be in extremely close range, with many security features disabled on the firmware settings to ensure the fastest speeds with minimal interference.

Needless to say – none of this is a real world scenario. We place our routers to be out of reach of nosy hands, have walls in our house that may act like barriers, connect a whole lot more devices as well as probably don’t utilize the best computer equipment available.

The Best AC1200 Router Of 2018

1. TP-Link Archer AC1200 Smart WiFi Router (C1200)

You don’t always want to shell out big bucks if you don’t place a huge demand on your routers – and if you’re looking for the perfect up-to-date AC1200 router for a great price, don’t look any further. This is a great affordable option, which is an update to the Archer C5. This relatively small sized router comes as a surprise package, one which will leave you pleasantly surprised.


The TP-Link Archer C1200 outshines competitors in its range by a huge margin. The download speeds on the 5GHz band reached 320 Mbps at a close distance, with the speed dropping to 72 at a distance of 75 feet. The Download speeds on the 2GHz band averaged out to 80Mbps at a distance of 5 feet, with the speeds dropping to 20Mbps at a distance of 75 feet. The wired speeds really kicked *ahem* the antennas of other routers, reaching download speeds of 822Mbps, and upload speeds of 520Mbps.


The TP-Link Archer C1700 really did manage to impress the BlueGadgetTooth team, with outstanding performance. Firstly, the installation process was absolutely simple, getting set up within minutes! The 2x2 MU-MIMO support makes this a great deal, along with the dual band which enabled us to connect multiple gadgets to the network.

From our tablets, notepads, computers, smartphones, printers, smart home technology and more, this router could handle it all. We do admit that the 2.4GHz band faced a few minor issues, but with the amazing price range and a performance that does admittedly outshine other routers within the price range, we are not complaining.


This is a great buy for anyone who is looking to get their home connected, without having to invest a huge chunk of their savings into a router that can do the job. People who live in medium sized homes will love this router.

TP-Link AC1200 Pros

  • Easy installation process
  • Attractive pricing
  • Great performance on 5GHz
  • Wall mountable
  • User interface available in various language options

TP-Link AC1200 Cons

  • Dust Magnet
  • TP-Link Tether app not usable when outside your home’s Wifi signal

AC1200 vs AC1750. Does it make sense to buy AC1200 vs AC1750?

If you find that your current wifi set up is in need of a serious over haul and your router is giving you subpar performance, it is time to make the change. But the question is AC1200 vs AC1750 – which one is the better option?

If you are looking to upgrade, we would recommend going for the AC1750 vs AC1200 for many reasons. One, it offers faster speeds and as time passes, that will be more the norm than the exception. Secondly, the AC1750 may end up having many more features or better internals that will help you get the most out of your router. Also, more than speed, as you can only download as much as you subscribe from your ISP, you will probably see the difference in in-home data transfers, where transferring heavy files will be a dream.

The Best AC1750 Router Of 2018

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router (R6700)

Netgear continues to dazzle the online world with its ground breaking routers and modems. The R6700 offers unparalleled speeds, improved range and performance over the dual band system as well as proves to be a great buy if you’re looking for the best AC1750 router in town.


The dual band allows you to access theoretical speeds of 1750 Mbps, with it being split in 1300 Mbps from the 5GHz and 450Mbps on the 2.5 GHz band. When we tested this on a speed test, we found that while we were subscribed to a 50Mbps plan with a buddy’s ISP, we ended up receiving 58Mbps! This is a change from the earlier 17 Mbps that was being received.


We really cannot complain about the router’s performance. Connecting over 20 devices to the router? No problem. It worked like a dream. Wanted to game? No issues with lags or dropped connections. The Smart Connect feature simple connected our devices automatically to the bandwidth that was free which was determined by the compatibility of the device. We really didn’t have to do a thing! While we appreciate it when products offer advanced settings which can be tinkered with, we have to applaud the simplicity and user friendliness of the Netgear R6700.


While it outperforms many routers in the market in terms of gaming and streaming HD video, we have to admit that what really floored us was the ease with how it handled the multiple devices that were connected to it. If you have a large family and need a lot of coverage for multiple users and devices to be connected, this is the router for you. In this world of technology, you need to be on top of your game and this AC1750 router helps you to do just that.

Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 Pros

  • Dual band with speeds up to 1750Mbps
  • Access Control for better privacy and control over home network usage
  • ​Advanced QoS
  • Beamforming technology and Airtime Fairness for better connectivity and coverage
  • External antennas and amplifiers for increased Wifi range
  • 1GHz Dual core Processor for improved performance
  • Parental control and advanced safety features
  • Backwards compatible with 802.11 a/b/g/n

Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 Cons

  • Price

Netgear AC1750 vs AC1900. Does it make sense to buy Netgear AC1750 vs AC1900?

AC1750 brands are generally known to be competent in overcoming congestion during high traffic times in radio waves. Even though AC1750 routers were released five years ago in 2012, they are still widely considered by many to be amongst the best rates routers available. However, AC1900 routers have become more affordable as time goes by and are very easily available to purchase. With superior connection speeds and better service for multiple devices, you may find yourself with a product having better features than anything that existed before AC1900 routers came along.

The AC1750 does have some awesome features like DNLA (which is meant for your TV and gaming consoles), ReadySHARE technology for your printer, Vault and USB port; we have to admit that after careful scrutiny, the AC1900 offers an extensive range of features. How much of a difference this makes to your internet usage, only you can determine.

For many, the increased theoretical speeds will remain theoretical and if you don’t use or take advantage of the additional features like Time Machine (which is for Apple users) then this may not be the router for you. Fortunately for you, we have more information in store that may help you make an informed decision.

The Best AC1900 Router Of 2018

3. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (R7000)

As our internet needs increase, so does the technology and internet related devices advance. The Nighthawk AC1900 router R7000 brought to you by Netgear really brings an enhanced internet experience and performance to your home. From doubling your bandwidth to reducing Wifi interference, to even offering greater coverage in the largest of homes, the Nighthawk R7000 is as of now, the best that money can buy amongst other AC1900 routers.


The simultaneous dual bandwidth allows you to access the 5GHz and 2.4GHz at the same time, with theoretical speeds reaching up to 1300Mbps and 600 Mbps respectively. We noticed that our speed at home was quadrupled after we set up the R7000. You’ll find that you will be able to access speeds in excess of what you’re actually paying your SP for!


When we test out products, we really see what we can throw at them and how much they can handle. Living in a tech world, our home is full of electronic gadgets that tested the limit of our older router. We live in a fairly large house and earlier we would face dropped connections or poor connectivity the further we were from our old router.

Enter the Nighthawk R7000. Our baby monitor, Printers, smartphones, multiple computers and laptops as well as tablets and gaming devices were all connected and we were extremely happy to see that all were connected well, with a strong signal transmitted all throughout our home. We found that all our devices worked better and faster.


While there is a lot that recommends the R7000 in terms of an ultimate gaming experience thanks to the 1GHz dual core processor and Dynamic QoS, or an optimized streaming experience thanks to the beamforming technology which allows uninterrupted HD video watching, what really got us were the speeds accessible on our mobile devices. With most of our correspondence, browsing and more done on our mobile devices, we really appreciated the faster Wifi speeds.

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Pros

  • Beamforming feature
  • Dynamic QoS
  • Free automatic backup software
  • Netgear Genie App for remote access
  • Prioritized bandwidth
  • Open Source support available
  • Fast speeds reaching up to 1900Mbps

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Cons

  • May be overkill for people with few needs or older devices
  • Price

AC1200 vs AC1900. Does it make sense to buy AC1200 vs AC1900?

This question also largely depends on you. You may want the fastest speeds, but unless the devices and gadgets in your home have the capability to handle the fast speeds, it will be largely pointless sin investing in the best available in the market.

The AC1200 router has been tried and tested multiple times over the years and this is a reliable type that will be sure to serve you faithfully to the end. However, as technology grows in leaps and bounds, it may be a smart move on your part to invest in the best for now, so that you are always up-to-date, even years down the line.

It may be cheaper to opt for the AC1200 vs AC1750 router, but if money is no object and fast wifi speeds is what you want, then the AC1900 may be the router for you. After all, the AC1900 router is touted to be the best 802.11ac router currently available, one that offers cutting edge speeds and one which is priced pretty competitively.

AC1200 vs AC1750 vs AC1900 Final Verdict

In the end, the question remains. Which is better? AC1200 vs AC1750 vs AC1900. All three have their advantages, but in the end it all depends on what you really need. If your home has older devices than new, and you don’t have access to super fast speed internet from your ISP, an AC1200 router may be perfect for you. It is also lighter on the wallet which may tip the scales in its favour.

The AC1900 option is the best option for those who are looking to own the best that the market can provide, and want to stay up-to-date with all internet technology.

The AC1750 remains as the popular favorite, simply for the fact that it works well with people who have a combination of new and older devices in their home, which means most of us. Something like Goldilocks, the middle option seems to work best for many people, and the price tag is also the most attractive.

However, in the end, what will work best for you can only be determined by your budget, the gadgets you own and your internet plan from your ISP. Hopefully this guide helps you make a clearer and well informed decision when it comes to deciding between Netgear AC1750 vs AC1900 or even AC1200 vs AC1900. What will you choose? Let us know!

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