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Best Gaming Router for PS4 in 2017

We all love being connected, and our homes are full of various electronic gadgets like laptops, multiple smart phones, desktops, smart home gadgets, gaming consoles and more. But if you’re an avid gamer and love your PS4, then you should probably find the best router for PS4. There are many routers that are great for certain functions, but may not be ideal for others.

Why Buy A Gaming Router For PS4

There are many awesome games being released for PS4, like Call of Duty: WWII and God of War, and if you’re itching to get your hands on these games and waiting to lock down over the weekend with your buddies as you face obstacles, encounters and enemies, then you should probably be prepared to get the best router for PS4 so you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming time.

Also, your PS4 probably hogs up the bandwidth, especially when you’re busy gaming online and downloading HD graphics to make the realistic gaming environment come to life, and you want to make sure that your network isn’t getting clogged up and all your devices are getting the speeds they should. After all, if there’s a battle between you and your opponent, and it’s just a matter of the fastest trigger finger first, you want every added advantage, even if it’s just milliseconds.

You have to remember, other household gadgets could be using up bandwidth or placing a strain on the network, and getting the best router for PS4 will help you have a smooth gaming experience.

What Features Should The Best Router For PS4 Have?

Gaming Router PS4 Features

If you are planning to get the best gaming router for PS4, you should make sure they have the following features:

Dual or Tri-band router:

Your PS4 should ideally be on a band of its own. As PS4 runs on 802.11N on the 2.4GHz band, having a dual band is essential, and having a tri band router is a bonus. Why share the 2.4GHz band with other legacy Wifi devices?

Dynamic QoS:

Having QoS can allow you to prioritize your PS4 traffic over your bands so that your PS4 gets priority over other devices at your home, making sure it remains unaffected by all the other connected devices on the network. Use QoS to really give importance to your PS4 traffic.


Having a good RAM is important if you are sharing your network with others. If not, you don’t need to worry too much, but if you are not the only user, you need power provided by a dual core processor to get all your features working smoothly and to help lower latency issues.

Beamforming technology:

This sweet feature will help extend your network’s coverage while giving a stronger and more stable connection to your connected device.

DD-WRT Compatible:

If you are not a tech newbie, and want to get your hands a little dirty to full unlock advanced features and options; you can flash the standard firmware with DD-WRT firmware.

Port Forwarding:

This is so you can communicate with anyone whilst gaming and allow you to join any game you want.

Best Gaming Router For PS4 in 2017

Device Name

Max Speed


Editor's Rating

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1. Asus RT-AC88U

(Editor's Choice)

3100 Mbps

1.4 GHz Dual Core


2. Linksys WRT1900ACS

1900 Mbps

1.6 GHz Dual Core


3. Netgear Nighthawk X6

3000 Mbps

1 GHz Dual Core


1. Asus RT-AC88U Wireless Dual Band Router

Best Gaming Router For PS4 (Editor's Choice)

As your PS4 runs on the 2.4GHz, it is imperative that you get a router that boosts that band. The Asus RT-AC88U is dual band, making this a great choice, and the fact that it uses MU-MIMO technology only makes the BlueGadgetTooth team love this router even more. (You do have to remember that each connected client has to have a MU-MIMO compatible adaptor to work with this technology.)


  • 4x4 antenna design will be able to deliver great coverage – which you will appreciate if your PS4 is not glued to your router.
  • 8 x Gigabit LAN ports – This is a HUGE plus. You may love wireless because it is so convenient, but if you really want top speeds, nothing can beat being hard wired, and having so many Gigabit ports will only be good news for you and your many Ethernet compatible devices.
  • The Asus RT-AC88U has a powerful 1.4GHz dual core processor that will give that much needed boost to your speeds and data transfers.
  • Asus AiProtection – Gaming is serious business, and if you want to keep your gaming account safe (you don’t want to be in Sheldon’s situation – from Big Band Theory – where his account gets hacked) – then you’ll want the best security around.
  • Smart connect feature allows your devices to get allocated to the best band – so you don’t have to worry on placing other devices on bands – this uses smart technology to do that for you so that you can focus on your PS4 games.
  • 1024 - QAM technology – you do want the fastest speeds possible while gaming, and this can potentially increase 2.4GHz speeds by 66% - you’ll thank this feature when you’re in the heat of battle.

Asus RT-AC88U Router Pros

  • Loads of Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Excellent throughput performance
  • Advanced Management features
  • Guest Network for visitors
  • Faster speeds and lower latency
  • Asus Router App for remote network management

Asus RT-AC88U Router Pros

  • Larger size as compared to many routers – not too big a deal though if you’re a PS4 gamer – performance is what matters

2. Linksys AC1900 (WRT1900ACS)

Best Open Source Gaming Router For PS4


  • 4 x High Performance Antennas that can be adjusted so that you get strong signal no matter if you live in a multistoried home or small apartment blocks. These are great as they help direct the signal to your PS4, so that you enjoy great connectivity while you play.
  • You can see a map of your Home network via the Network Map, and can even monitor your network, access parental controls, prioritize devices (like your PS4 – so that your PS4 can get the most out of your bandwidth before other devices hog the network) and even create password protected Guest Networks so the network your PS4 is on doesn’t get blocked with too many devices putting a strain on your bandwidth.
  • Get a boost in performance with the 1.6GHz dual core processor so your gaming is always streaming quality HD all the time, with no lags, even if there are other users connected to your network, streaming HD video, gaming with you or heavy data transfers.
  • Open Source – If you feel that there are certain features you want to access to gain better gaming performance, you can customize your router to fit your PS4 gaming needs.
  • When you want to share certain information, or pass the game you have to your friend via a USB drive, you can get the data transfer done in a jiffy with the USB 3.0. Who remembers the old days of watching the loading/ copying window for hours? Well, those are a thing of the past – so that your friends can get the game onto their devices so they can join you in the fun!

Linksys WRT1900ACS Router Pros

  • Easy set up process
  • Strong signal
  • Excellent speeds
  • Apps for monitoring and managing your network
  • Multiple ports for devices

Linksys WRT1900ACS Router Cons

  • Large size for people who have limited space in their homes

3. Netgear Nighthawk X6 R7900-100NAS

Best Tri Band Gaming Router For PS4


Competitively priced, the Netgear R7900 follows a long line of illustrious routers, made by a company whose reputation precedes itself. We’ve all probably used a Netgear router sometime or know someone who has owned one. Why we like this router as one of the best wireless routers for PS4 is because it has all the features you need, while being very pocket friendly. Which means you saved just that little bit more to get the new game that will be releasing soon.

  • Tri-band: There are 3 bands that can be used in this router, which means there is more space just for your PS4. Your PS4 will use up a fair amount of your bandwidth, and this way, you can allocate your devices to the available bandwidth, making sure that there is even Wifi experience for all devices or more prioritized bandwidth or your PS4.
  • Smart Connect feature which assigns your devices to the best suited wireless band – slower on one and faster on others – which means less work for you and more time for gaming!
  • Dual Core CPU + 3 offload processors – These make sure that the load is lessened on your device and really gives your network that boost it needs, especially when it comes to connections between local and internet, wireless to Ethernet/ wired and USB. So if you want to get data transferred, or others want to join you in your game, you can enjoy excellent connectivity.
  • 6 High performance adjustable antennas which can be tweaked and their directions changed to give your PS4 the best signal strength possible.
  • ReadyShare features which include file sharing for those who want to quick and effective transfer of data, a backup feature that automatically saves your work so you can take off where you left it, the printer so that you can print out winning stats or incredible scores that you want immortalised in time, and to stick your winning scores on your bedroom wall.
  • Netgear Genie App which allows you to monitor your network and be big brother.
  • Guest Network so that visitors don’t hog up your network and don’t cause havoc to your network’s security.

Netgear Nighthawk X6 Pros

  • Well constructed router
  • Easy set up process
  • Significant changes in performance and range
  • Parental control for those who don’t want their kids glued to their PS4 all day

Netgear Nighthawk X6 Cons

  • Should make sure that all firmware is updated

DD-WRT Router For PS4 (Tomato & Open WRT too)

Open Source Gaming PS4 Router

Ditching your standard firmware and going for open source firmware such as DD-WRT, Tomato or OpenWRT is always a good idea if you want more from your router. As a wireless router comes with standard settings that caters to an average user in an average home, it is simply a one setting suits all kinda thing. But the truth of the matter, every user is different and if you are an avid PS4 user, you want to get the most out of your router and have it prioritising your PS4 game play, instead of trying to focus on all your home’s devices.

This is why you should get the best wireless routers for PS4 so that your Playstation 4 experience is as smooth as possible.

Flashing your routers with open source firmware allows you to access advanced security features which is vital for a system involved in interactive gaming, extending your wireless network’s range and prioritising your bandwidth allocation. Open source firmwares also have Port forwarding control and NAT which could be important in your PS4 gaming experience.

Open Source firmware such as DD-WRT is the most popular custom firmware and getting this will enable you to manage the stability of your internet, while allowing you to remotely control your network as well.

To really understand the differences between DD-WRT, Tomato and Open WRT, you should check out our article so that you can decide which open source firmware will be best for your router.

PS4 Ethernet vs. Wifi Router Connection

There really is no comparison when it comes to Ethernet vs. Wifi for your PS4. Wired Ethernet connections always win hands down. An Ethernet connection is more reliable, stable and secure than a wireless router connection. If lags are a serious point of concern for you, you should consider playing wired.

Why? Because the radio waves emitted by your router can be affected by obstructions such as walls, obstacles such as aquariums, disturbances from other household gadgets or nearby routers using the same wireless channel, or even the distance between your PS4 and your router.

This in turn can cause packet loss or latency issues which will throw a wrench in your PS4 gaming experience.

Meanwhile, an Ethernet connection will hardwire your PS4 to your router directly, which means that can be no outside factors that can disrupt your gaming experience. As your PS4 is not an object that will be likely to be constantly on the move while playing, Ethernet is a good option for you – while if you are simply playing a game on your mobile device, wireless is more convenient.

Final Words

These listed options of the best router for PS4 are networking powerhouses that can change the way you’ve been gaming. They not only outperform other routers, especially when it comes to PS4 gamers, but they also are the best deals overall, whether you are looking for an overall experience, or simply want options.

Gaming on your PS4 should be all about fun, and getting better with each passing minute, hour or day – so choosing the best router for PS4 is imperative for great gaming. Keeping in mind the features needed will help you make the best decision.

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