Bitdefender vs AVG

Bitdefender vs AVG Antivirus Comparison (Updated 2018)

In a cyber world plagued with viruses and malware, the need for people to protect the confidentiality of their sensitive data from hackers gaining access to it has become more important than ever.

The BlueGadgetTooth team decided to pit well reputed antivirus program Bitdefender vs AVG, a global security software giant to see which one would rule the roost. Choosing the best antivirus program for your computer can be a tough choice and BGT is here to make the selection process easier for you.

We’ve looked at how great both security suites are at detecting malware, at their impact on system performance, at their security features and as well as the user friendliness of their installation process and usability. Their price points also were looked into to help you choose the best option for your devices’ protection as well as your budget.

Who Won The Battle Between Bitdefender vs AVG?

Bitdefender has many features that recommend this antivirus suite to many users, but this comparison guide saw AVG as the winner in the battle between Bitdefender vs AVG. This is because of the comprehensive security features AVG has, along with the attractive package bundled up in a price friendly price point. In addition to his, AVG did better in malware detection tests, which is all that matters when searching for the perfect antivirus program.

Bitdefender Vs AVG: Test Results

AVG (Editor's Choice)



95 %

AVG Internet Security Pros

  • Simple installation process
  • Automatic virus definition updates
  • Unlimited protection for all devices with a yearly plan
  • Helps in keeping sensitive data secure and encrypted
  • Advanced security features
  • Excellent scores from independent testing labs

AVG Internet Security Cons

  • Mac users may receive limited antivirus protection

Bitdefender Pros

  • Excellent scores from independent testing labs
  • Various bonus security features
  • Low impact on system performance
  • Webcam Privacy feature
  • Very comprehensive list of protective features
  • Super fast quick scans

Bitdefender Cons

  • No VPN client or backup software

Which Independent AV Testing Labs Does The BlueGadgetTooth team Trust?

When it comes to receiving unbiased and accurate real world results on testing the capabilities and performance of various antivirus programs, only two independent testing labs come to mind., a lab based in Germany, and, an Austrian lab. They consistently provide reliable test results, with tens of thousands of current and popular malware being exposed to various computer systems running on multiple Windows versions, both 32 and 64 bit to get the most accurate real world results.

They constantly register at least a quarter of a million new malware on a daily basis and are considered the go-to places if you want to be updated on the performance of various antivirus programs.

Bitdefender: Knowing More

A Romanian cyber security and antivirus company, Bitdefender was founded by Florin Talpeş back in 2001, with Florin currently serving as the CEO of Bitdefender. With over half a billion users globally, Bitdefender has a wide variety of products under its brand which deal with cyber security, internet security, antivirus products and services and more.

AVG: Knowing More

A global security software giant, AVG was recently acquired by Avast, another computer and online security behemoth. Founded by Jan Gritzbach and Tomáš Hofer in 1991, the company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and began its humble beginnings in Brno, Czech Republic. AVG has built a solid reputation for its up to date security and protection against cyber threats while being very user friendly.

Round One: Malware Detection

Bitdefender performed quite well in malware detection tests, detecting 98.6% of malware both while offline and online. That is good news, because it shows that Bitdefender is effective even if you’re not connected. The Online Protection Rate is 99.95% which is pretty near to perfect scores, with only 5 false alarms.

Bitdefender vs AVG antivirus detection test

AVG proved to be the top runner in this category however, detecting 97.5% malware whilst offline, with the percentage increasing to 99.3% when online. The online malware detection rate is better than Bitdefender, but what really takes the cake is the Online Protection score which stands at 99.9% with AVG. That score is just so close to 100%, that we couldn’t choose Bitdefender to be the winner of this round.

Winner of Round One: With 9 false alarms but better performance malware detection and Protection, AVG was the winner of this round.

Round Two: Installation & User Interface

There wasn’t much to Bitdefender’s installation process. I simply downloaded the file, ran it, and it installed within less than ten minutes. I do have to admit that the installation process is speedy, without any complicated steps in between.

bitdefender downoading

What I like about Bitdefender’s download process is that you are aware of just how much progress has been made. (Of course, this also shows how sucky my internet is – when the weather gets weird)

bitdefender installing

You also get to know how much of the program is installed and a quick scan is done to ensure that there are no programs that will interfere with the installation process.

bitdefender remove programs

When another program is found that could interfere with Bitdefender a notice pops up to uninstall the said program. You simply have to click on the uninstall button and then restart computer. Everything is quite well laid out for the novice user as well as a hassle free installation for the expert.

bitdefender protected

When everything is completed, you can run a scan which will take a few minutes and will leave your computer well protected.

AVG, our other antivirus program for this comparison guide had a very simple and straightforward installation process which got over pretty quickly, probably taking 15 minutes, from start to finish.

AVG installation

There is honestly not much that you are required to do, so you can take out a book and read it or go about any chores you may have or other work which may need your attention.

Running the AVG program was extremely user friendly and the UI was very easily navigable. It’s mostly like a step by step process that gets completed with or without your presence.

Probably a 5 minute computer scan will leave your computer secure and safe from any viruses lurking about. This was a very user friendly process and the whole layout of AVG’s program was something I really liked – probably the design, layout and the simplistic approach to running an antivirus program, which more often than not is made out to be a little visually unappealing, while making the user run around a little bit getting verification or license codes from your email.

Winner of Round Two: AVG wins this round – I like the whole package – from the smooth transition from the download process to the final scan window – there is a lot to be said and appreciated about AVG’s antivirus program.

Round Three: System Performance Impact

What could make a difference between a considered option and a sure shot option is knowing how much your system’s performance will be affected with the antivirus program.

I decided to start with the basics, opening multiple browser windows – as that is one activity majority of users will be doing with their device when a scan is underway. I also opened a few applications that were not very demanding, and as a final test, I ran a power hungry application to see the extent of the impact of the antivirus program.

Bitdefender Performance

bitdefender performance

Bitdefender scored an impressive 6.0/ 6.0 – which is a perfect score in’s series of tests regarding impact on system performance. In many cases, it fared better than the industry average, and in only very few instances it went slightly over the industry average. Even I tested out this program, I didn’t notice any lags or issues while the scan was running in the background, and could continue with my computer work without interruptions.

AVG Performance

AVG performance

AVG on the other hand, scored only a 5.0/ 6.0 in the performance test – when I was running my programs, you could notice a lag as well as a slowing down of my computer. The response to my commands was slower, and I have to agree with the results shared by

Winner of Round three: Bitdefender is the clear winner. Between Bitdefender vs AVG, Bitdefender was easier on my running applications and it could almost feel like there was no scan running in the background. To give AVG due credit however, it wasn’t so bad that you couldn’t work – I could still continue my work, the only difference is there was a slight lag while there was barely any with Bitdefender.

Round Four: Security Features

Bitdefender Internet Security 2018:

  • Excellent scores in malware detection tests
  • Webcam Protection
  • ​Multi layer Ransomware Protection
  • Cross-platform performance
  • Parental Advisor – So you can keep a track of your kids online activities
  • ​Password manager
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Secure browsing
  • Anti-theft
  • Risk Checker – Check your computer for any weak links or loopholes, outdated software etc
  • File Shredder – so any file you want permanently deleted is deleted. Forever.

AVG Internet Security 2018:

  • Anti-theft
  • Camera Trap – get a picture of the person who is trying to get access to your phone without authorization
  • Payments Protection – Includes Anti-Spam and detects fake websites
  • ​Web and email Protection – scans emails and their attachments for any malware piggybacking on mails with the Email Shield
  • Enhanced Firewall – keep hackers at bay
  • Ransomware Protection
  • File Shredder – to permanently delete certain files you don’t want recovered
  • Data Safe – Encrypt your private and confidential data so nobody can see it
  • Automatic updates on software and virus definitions, security and bug fixes

Winner of Round Four: Both Bitdefender vs AVG have great security features and anyone would be hard pressed to choose between the two. For this round I would say that it is a tie.

Round Five: Price

Bitdefender comes with a price tag of $54.99/ year, offering protection for five devices. AVG is priced at $99.99/ year – BUT – you have protection for unlimited devices.

Winner of Round five: This is an easy decision – for a hundred dollars, you can protect all the devices in your home. For many of us who have multiple devices per individual, either for work or personal use – this deal is great, especially if you have many members in your household.

Why You Need Antivirus Software

There are always people who are looking for easy and illegal ways of making a quick buck – and attacking online users and hacking their systems and networks is fast becoming a popular way of finding illegal means to an end.

We conduct a lot of our activities online – whether it be communicating with loved ones and long lost friends via social media, or promoting our businesses which could be ecommerce sites, or even our banking details as many of us prefer to get all our financial matters done from the comfort of our homes rather than going all the way to the bank.

If an unauthorized user gains access to your passwords of your online accounts, you could face a lot of trouble due to funds being siphoned out of your bank accounts, of misuse of your data on your social media accounts or even having your identity stolen.

Each of the above scenarios is very real, and happen every day to some people who don’t realize they’re victims until it’s too late.

A simple but strong antivirus program can help keep all these problems at bay.

For a small price per year, you could save yourself and your loved ones a world of trouble. Looking at all these situations, it’s clear to see that a good antivirus program can serve as a protective barrier between unwanted malware and unauthorized users and your personal data.

Free antivirus programs are good, but they are not designed to fully protect your systems from many malware – upgrading to a paid version ensures that you and your home is fully protected around the clock.

Final Verdict: Bitdefender vs AVG

It was close, but when it came to detecting malware – AVG won. When it comes down to it, you want your computer fully protected and you should always look for an antivirus program that delivers on its promise. With a near perfect score of 99.9% of Online Protection, it seems to me that there is only one clear winner in this battle between Bitdefender vs AVG – and it’s AVG.

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