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Why Gamers Need a Fast Modem

The gaming world has stepped up and now there are various gadgets to make a serious gamer have an improved gaming experience. Ranging from specially designed gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and more – you know you’re in gaming heaven when you’re surrounded by all those gadgets. But what can really make a difference in your gaming performance is a fast modem for gaming.

Gamers Have Special Modem Requirements

There are fast modems available, but gamers’ needs are vastly different from a person who is just going to check mail or browse on a daily basis. Even a person who downloads or uploads a lot of data will have different needs.

When it comes to online gaming, packet loss is critical. This will speak volumes more than the speeds provided by your ISP. You can face serious issues if you have major packet loss when gaming. What could fix this is a fast modem, and one preferably geared for gamers. People who own a modem that is an older model or is DOCSIS 2.0 or older can face problems and lags during their gaming sessions as the older models cannot handle the higher speeds provided by their ISP. Gamers should ideally have a modem that is DOCSIS 3.0 and backwards compatible to 2.0 if needed, as speed is also of the essence.

Multi-player gamers will know the value of pings and packet loss and keeping this knowledge in mind, most gamers want bandwidth overhead in competitive MMORPGs. The modem you have should be able to support high speed internet with high downstream and upstream speeds and should preferably have many channels so that your internet bandwidth is not clogged up by other devices in your home. Congestion is a major reason for lagging and bandwidth issues, having additional bonded channels will help overcome slow speeds during peak hours.

That being said, you have to keep an eye out for a modem that supports IPv4 and IPv6 which is the latest in internet security because while you’re busy slaying the other team, you don’t want malware creeping into your own gadgets. Having something corrupted while in the heat of battle is not something you would want to happen.

It Can Really Make A Difference

Not only is it vital for gamers to have a fast modem, but having multiple gigabit Ethernet ports could mean the difference between performance to be lauded at or a performance to be laughed at. You may not all want to sit around your modem and play, which is when you would have to consider purchasing a router that is suited for gaming needs. However, if you are taking things one step at a time, a fast modem is really the answer to all your online problems. Well, most of them anyways.

Now all you have to do is concentrate and hone your skill in whichever game you play and leave worries of slow internet speeds and laggy connections in the past where they belong. Having a fast modem could literally be a matter of life and death for you in the online gaming world.

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