Moca and Powerline Wires

MoCa vs Powerline Adapters

When it comes to connectivity, nothing beats being hardwired rather than going wireless. The difference in performance is so huge, that it’s a wonder that everyone doesn’t just hardwire their homes and lay out Ethernet Cat6 cables everywhere. However, this is a case that is easier said than done. Wiring your home completely can be an expensive affair, not to mention the disruption to your lives as the cabling is laid out.

However, if you still want impressive speeds and unparalleled network stability, there are options for you. You have the option to go wireless, but we know that wireless cannot compare with a wired connection. What other options are there?

Enter MoCa vs Powerline

What are Powerline adapters

These are adapters that can be simply plugged into any power outlet in your home. Ideally, you should plug in this adapter close to your connected device.

How does this work? This works by using the electrical copper wires to deliver a stable network all through your home.


  • Easy set up process – All you have to do is simply plug in the adapter into an electrical outlet and connect it with an Ethernet cable. You will also have to plug in a second adapter to a power outlet near your device and connect your device to the adapter via an Ethernet cable.
  • Easy usability – What makes this such a popular option is that every home has electrical wires laid out. So if you have electricity in your home, you can use this to get connected!
  • Great for covering large areas Large homes face problems with wireless coverage, and Powerline networks help to minimalize packet loss as well as provide a stable connection.
  • Better Security for your home – Unless you are using this in a public space where rooms are shared, like a dormitory, this type of a wires connection is very secure as all data packets stay confined within your home, due to the physical connection required to use the devices.


  • Multiple adapters needed – You will need to invest in several adapters should you wish to hardwire several devices
  • Electrical interference – Electrical gadgets tap into the power in your home and home appliances that use up a lot of electrical output will cause disturbance in your online experience.
  • ​Dependent on home wiring – How good a connection depends on how good your wiring in your home is.
  • Lack of Ethernet ports in devices – If you wish to connect your Smartphone, you may find yourself in a pickle as your phone and other similar devices lack Ethernet ports. However, you can simply get a Powerline adapter with wifi capability.

What is MoCa

An abbreviation for Multimedia over coax Alliance, this uses the cable wiring that is usually installed in every home. This utilises the coax networks provided by cable companies for you TV connection. When it comes to MoCa vs Powerline, MoCa stands a better chance as the cable wiring sees less use as compared to your electrical wiring, leading to better network connectivity.


  • Easy Installation Process – Connect one MoCa adapter into your MoCa outlet, one in close proximity to your router and one close to your device you want connected via Ethernet cables.
  • Less Interference – when comparing Moca vs Powerline, MoCa comes up top here as this sees less interference from other gadgets, unlike Powerline, where multiple gadgets are dependent on electricity to function, causing disturbance.


  • Problem if you have an old house – If your home has no Coax cabling lad out, this option is not viable for you.

MoCa vs Powerline

Both Powerline vs MoCa have their own set of strengths and problems, but the best option for you will solely depend upon you and the type of home you own.

If you feel that the wiring in your home is not very dependable – this is a problem when homes have old electrical wiring like tub and knob wiring which can cause a lot of damage to your home – then your only option should be MoCa, if you have cabling laid out.

If you have multiple devices that you want connected all over your home, Powerline may be a better option as every room in your home will have electrical outlets whereas your coax cable may not be present in all rooms.

The BlueGadgetTooth team recommends getting a great MoCa or Powerline adapter with wireless capabilities so that your connectivity doesn’t suffer for all your other devices.

Both MoCa vs Powerline are good options for those looking to extend wired connectivity in their home and who don’t want to redo the Ethernet wiring in their homes.

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