Router FAQs

Router Initial Setup FAQs

Setting up your internet does not need to be complicated. If you are looking to avoid an unnecessary service charge by your internet service provider, you can try to set up your router yourself. Here are some troubleshooting questions you may run into.

How Do I Attach My New Router

1. If you have a modem attached to your computer, you need to unplug it first. Then plug the modem into the power cable and turn it on.

2. Using an Ethernet cable, plug the router into the modem. It is usually marked with a different color than the other ports.

3. Using another Ethernet cable, attach the computer to the router. The plug on the router should be labeled “LAN.”

4. Plug the router into its power source and turn it on. The lights should come on.

Router Set Up

How can I log into the router?

Once the router is connected and on, launch any kind of web browser. You will either be directed to your service provider’s site or you can go to, or

You should then be asked for a username and password. You will need to read your router’s book to know what the default login information is, but often it is a username admin and password of password. You may need to reset the router first if it has been previously used and already has an admin and password.

How do I change the router password?

It would be best if you look at the book supplied with your specific router. Generally there should be a maintenance menu in the router wizard after you logged in for the first time. It should have an option to set or change your password.

How many people can use one router wirelessly?

There is no limit to how many devices can be used with one single router, but remember that the more people who are attached to it, the slower your internet speed will be. Realistically, it would be best to have 5 or fewer users on it, but not everyone will be able to stream videos quickly at the same time.

Can I assign an IP address to a specific device?

First you will need to log into your router. Look for “attached devices” under a maintenance or setup menu. You should see the IP address the device is using. It will start with 192.168. Go to LAN setup. You should see something that says “address reservation.” Under add, you will type in the IP address you found already as well as a name that will let you know which device it is. Then save the information.

Can I secure my router?

It is a very good idea to secure your router to ensure that neighbors can’t login to your router and use your wireless internet without your consent or knowledge. The more people who do that, the slower your internet speed will be. The security for your specific router depends on the make of the router. Check out the booklet that came with the router or look at their website for more information.

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