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How to Set-Up a Router Without a Computer

Times are changing. More and more households are updating themselves in terms of technology and it is not often you find a person who does not own a laptop or a computer. When it comes to setting up your Netgear wireless router, hands down it is better to do it with the help of a computer.

But whatever reason, if your computer conked off just when you needed it most, and your router still has to get set up, no worries, because you can easily manage without a computer. More than computers, most of us have smartphones, which although are like minicomputers and can handle a lot, they do have limited capabilities. So, all you need is your Smartphone or tablet that could be Android based or iOS.

Even though it may seem like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when your computer dies and you have to set up your router, all is not lost. Hopefully this post will make life easier for you!

Here's How to Set-Up Your Wireless Router​

1) Firstly, make sure that you have all admin login information that is the default ones provided on your router. This includes the login name and password which will be required for you to start the process.

2) Ensure that your router is plugged in and powered up.

3) Connect to your router’s wireless network via your Smartphone or tablet. The network name and password is usually provided at the back of your router.

4) When you see that your device is connected, type in the following default internal IP address of your router into your device’s browser. or You can even just run the network discover app which should be available in your device.

5) The free app FING is also helpful to locate the IP address.

6) You will now have to type in the login name and password which is usually the default names ‘admin’ and ‘password’. If these don’t work, please do check at the back of your router for the login details.

Things to watch out for:

1) You have to make sure that your device is wifi enabled. If you are using an older phone that cannot access Wifi, then you may have to try with another device that is wifi enabled.

2) The following IP addresses are the most commonly used – in case the above mentioned ones do not work for you. and

3) Make sure that your phone has sufficient charge before trying this procedure.

4) If all doesn’t work, reset your router. However, when you do this, be aware that you will lose any saved settings so you will have to try everything from the beginning. The reset button is usually placed at the back of your router and you may need a pen or a pointed object to push down the reset button.

5) If all else fails and your default login information does not work, you may have to call your router’s customer service to ask for assistance.

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