Spectrum Approved Modems (2020 List)

Spectrum is one of the largest internet providers in North America, so when they offer their users a free modem, it can seem like a great deal. Yet, as is often the case when something seems too good to be true, it is.

Despite the free option, you will find that Spectrum charges $5 a month to use the router within the modem that is discreetly tacked onto your bill. So free is subjective.

In that case, you really should consider buying your own Spectrum approved modem that will save you a monthly charge and give you more of what you need from a modem.

Reasons To Get Your Own Spectrum Compatible Modem

Spectrum Approved Modems

Faster WiFi Speed

The generic modem that you can get from Spectrum directly is going to have a generic level of wireless speed. These modems are not made to give you the best things out there, but only to give you the bare minimum to function.

If you want faster WiFi speeds, you need to go with a modem that has a faster built-in router, which you can get by buying your own Spectrum approved modem.

Better Coverage

If you take a look around your home, you should be able to get an idea of all of the locations that you would need your WiFi signal to go as well as all of the devices that would tap into it.

While you know what that looks like, Spectrum has no idea, so they will never offer you a modem that meets those needs. You will get better coverage with your own Spectrum compatible modem.

More Control

Some networks require more security and controls than other networks do. Whether you need parental controls, a VPN, remote access, or even just a better fire wall, you will need to find the perfect modem to meet your needs.

The generic Spectrum modem is not going to be able to accommodate all of your needs, so you should just get your own. Buying a Spectrum certified modem will allow you to find the one to meet your own needs.

Modem vs Modem Router Combo For Spectrum 

You will inevitably need to decide whether you want a stand-alone modem or a modem router combo.

Modem Router Combo Is Better Because It Is:

  • Much Easier To Set Up
  • Cheaper (You Need To Buy Only 1 Unit)
  • Space Saver

How To Set Up Charter Spectrum Modem

Step 1: Start by plugging the coaxial cable to the wall jack on one in and the other to the port on the modem.

Step 2: Plug the Ethernet cable into the modem’s Ethernet port and attach it to your computer.

Step 3: Plug the modem into your power outlet.

Step 4: On your computer, open any web browser and type in your modem’s address.

Step 5: Follow your modem’s guide to finish setup.

3 Best Spectrum Approved Modems 2020





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1. Motorola MG7550

Editor's Choice

1900 Mbps

4 Ports


2. Netgear C7000

High Performance

1900 Mbps

4 Ports


3. Motorola MG7315

Budget Friendly

450 Mbps

4 Ports


1. Motorola MG7550 Modem Router Combo

Best Spectrum Compatible Modem (Editor's Choice)

When it comes to the best Spectrum compatible modem that you can buy, you really don’t need to look any further than the Motorola MG7550. This modem combines all of the best features of the average network, giving you just want you need for a smooth network.

To begin with, the MG7550 comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing you to directly plug in any device that you want to have a stable connection. The router runs on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, helping keep your network on the fastest lines possible.

The MG7550 also has a built-in firewall if you need one, helping increase the overall safety of the network.

This modem also has the Motorola Power Boost feature, which helps increase the overall coverage of your network. The MG7550 is recommended for speeds up to 650 Mbps, so you know it can really handle a lot of signal.

2. Netgear C7000-1AZNAS Nighthawk

High Performance Spectrum Approved Modem

If you have taken a look at the MG7550, but don’t think that it has the right amount of power for you, then it is time to consider other options, including the Netgear C7000. This is a high performance modem that was made to keep your signal up and running.

The C7000 Nighthawk is a versatile modem. A DOCSIS 3.0, this Nighthawk comes with a built-in AC1900 router, which is one of the highest performance routers that you can get. This can be especially important if you are a fan of streaming either videos or games, because the Nighthawk can handle the high definition streaming without any buffering.

The Nighthawk also has a 4 Gigabit wired switch as well as a built-in 1.6GHz processor, boosting your performance to the peak that you need. Easily handling speeds up to 960Mbps, the Nighthawk is the high performance modem that you need for your Spectrum service.

3. Motorola MG7315 Modem Router Combo

Budget Friendly Spectrum Compatible Modem

Even when you are working within a budget, you should not have to worry about the quality of internet that you are getting. This is why we suggest the Motorola MG7315 as the best Spectrum supported modem on a budget.

The MG7315 is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, just like the others that we have listed here, showing you that you can still get a high powered modem without the cost. It also has a built-in router with Power Boost. The one hitch is that this router only works on the 2.4GHz band, so it is not a dual-band router like the others are. The 2.4GHz band is the most common anyway, so it might not make a difference for your network.

With the MG7315, you will get four Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing you to directly wire in any device that needs an uninterrupted signal, keeping you up and running.

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