VPN Concentrator

VPN Concentrator – What Is It?

As you know, your home network should always be secure and private. But what happens when you’re outside of your home network and still need to send or receive data, but don’t want the data to go into the wrong hands?

This is where VPN comes in. Known as a Virtual Private Network, it allows you to transfer data across any public network, while making it like you are directly connected to your private network, by extending your private network over the public domain you are in. This is great for increased security and managements of your private home network.

But What Is a VPN Concentrator?

If you are looking to set up a VPN, (which the BlueGadgetTooth team highly recommends), you can either get a router which has VPN functionality included or you can opt to get a VPN concentrator.

A VPN router can allow your family members or employees on your business network to access VPN remotely simultaneously. But a VPN router has certain limitations to the number of people it can manage. Enter a VPN concentrator. This is a device that specifically manages VPNs, hence the name. You can have thousands or even hundred thousands of people connected and accessing VPN remotely at any given point of time.

What can a VPN Concentrator do?

As it secures your network, it does everything from:

  • Authenticating the multiple users that are connected to your network
  • Encrypts connections so that your data transfers are always secure
  • Establishes VPN tunnels
  • Assigns tunnels to connected users
  • Ensures data delivery

What is the difference: VPN Concentrator vs VPN Router

They both are created to have similar functions, but they are not the same. Here are the differences between them:

VPN Concentrator

  • Primarily used in business settings with its ability to manage multiple users simultaneously
  • Has advanced security settings for a businesses’ online protection. This includes an advanced firewall and other security functions that allows your corporate environment to run smoothly and safely

VPN Router

  • Simply a router with some in built VPN settings
  • Has all router features – like wireless capabilities, Ethernet ports etc
  • Allows you to connect to your private network directly and remotely, allowing safe transfer of data, just not on the same level of security and multiple connected user management as a dedicated VPN concentrator

Final Words

If you have many family members in your home and want to keep your private network secure, perhaps a VPN router would be a good bet for you. There are not too many users to manage, you will not have to buy a new gadget, and they can all still access the home network securely, no matter where they are.

However, if you need a large scale solution for your business needs, a VPN concentrator is the way to go as it is created specifically to handle large loads, allowing multiple users to be connected to your network at the same time.

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