Why You Should Be Using a VPN

We all know that the internet is an endless abyss of information. Not just information that you are looking for, but your personal information is also stored within the endless web. It is for this reason that if you are not using a VPN, you should be.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a kind of middle man between the internet itself and a private user, such as a company or individual. They work by creating a kind of secure pathway through the internet. Any information about you and your internet activity is encrypted by the VPN, so no one can see anything passed between you and your internet destination.

But if you are thinking that you are not a criminal and have nothing to hide from, you are missing the big picture. Here are some of the reasons why BlueGadgetTooth recommends you use a VPN.

Enhanced Security:

Back in March 2017, the United States government removed a protection provided by the FCC that had prevented your ISP from selling your personal data to third parties. As most of us have limited options as far as which ISP we can use, this puts us at a disadvantage, where our ISPs can release our internet behavior and preferences to the highest bidder. They will sell where you live, where you shop, and can even sell what sites you like to look at. You ISP has access to your entire internet user experience. With a VPN, your data will be encrypted as it leaves your computer, so your ISP will not see what you are doing online.

Better User Experience:

A VPN can enhance your user experience when you are traveling the world. Whether you want to watch an international sporting in real time, or you want to be able to stream videos that are not accessible to your region, a VPN can help you get around the location issues you may suffer from. Some countries have a censorship protocol in effect as well, deliberately blocking you from certain internet destinations. A VPN can cut through the censorship and allow you to voyage through the internet as you would like.


While you may be not be doing anything criminal or concerning online, other internet users are not as trustworthy as you may be. Online criminals are interested in acquiring your data. With a rise in identity theft, you will want to ensure that you are doing everything that you can to keep your information safe. Having a VPN for every computer or device in your home will also keep your family’s information safe, no matter what their internet habits may be.

Stop the Creepy Ads:

I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at something on a search engine only to find that exact thing advertised on a completely different website days later. It is a disturbing advertising method, reminding you of things you may want to buy, but also telling you that your online history is remembered. Because of the VPN’s encryption abilities, these cookies will not hang around to remind you of things you have looked at.

Cloak your Searches:

If you are a researcher of any variety, whether it is for personal or professional interest, some things that you look up may be off-putting if someone got a hold of them. Together, perhaps your searches would look like you were up to something seedy and have you flagged by your ISP. Really, what you are reading on the internet should be your business and not theirs. A VPN will cloak your IP address, making your searches untraceable.

Make Public Wi-Fi Safer:

If you are out and about a lot, you may find yourself on the Wi-Fi of your local coffee shop. Public Wi-Fi is not going to encrypt your information, leaving you open to any other user who knows how to eavesdrop onto a connection. Unfortunately, this is a skill that intermediate-level hackers have, making your information more vulnerable than you may realize it is. Having a VPN on your computer already is going to keep your information encrypted for you, not matter where you are using the internet.

Take the Stress out of Downloads:

Whether you download torrents regularly or once in a while, it is still risky to participate in P2P file sharing. There are many authorities out there who do not like users to share videos or music files between one another. A VPN will encrypt your IP address so you can P2P share without detection.

While VPNs are by no means perfect, they can help keep your information protected while you are using the internet. Even the lightest internet users out there are vulnerable to having either hackers take their information or have their ISP track their information and sell it to the highest bidder. Using a VPN will not just keep your information safe, but will give you an added peace of mind while you are online.

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