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Why You Should Buy Your Own Modem

In a world where connectivity is so important in our daily lives and the way we function, being and staying connected has become a priority. Unfortunately, majority of us don’t realize that most of internet service providers charge us a rental fee for the modem we use. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Yet, we go about our daily lives, forking over hundreds of dollars without being aware of the extra charges. We may be complacent in purchasing a modem/router, but when you look at the hard facts and you know that you could end up saving a lot of money in the long run so you can buy the things you really want to, it seems like a good move to buy your own modem/router.

Avoid Rental Fees

Different companies like Time Warner Cable and even Comcast charge a certain fee for renting a certified router for Comcast or Time Warner. Next time you look at your bill, take a closer look. You’ll notice that there is an ‘Internet Modem Lease’ charge attached. And the amount seems to keep rising over the years. These days, the cost of purchasing modems has dropped in price so you needn’t feel the pinch. In fact, many websites offer great deals which mean that within just a few months, your modem would’ve paid itself off.

You only have to ensure that your modem is compatible with your internet service provider. You don’t want to be stuck with a new modem/router you bought which doesn’t quite work. If you are getting your internet via a cable provider, it will make a lot of sense in investing in your own modem. When you do the math and add up the expenses of your monthly modem bill, you could save at least $120 a year! Now, that’s a lot!

Not only that, but the convenience and ease of setting it up means you don’t have to be dependent on your internet service providers. It can take half an hour and then you’ll be set. Many people who have taken this route have not reset their modem since setting it up initially. That’s a huge headache off your hands.

You Can Get a Better Modem/Router By Yourself

Many modems/routers provided by internet service providers were not too reliable, requiring an occasional unplug and reset from time to time. For people who have made the move to owning their own modem, it has turned out to be the best choice as the quality of modems generally tend to be better. You may end up saddled with years old modems from the companies which usually malfunction or you may end up with higher fees for boosting your connectivity while it may be just the fault of the aging modem.

You, of course, have two choices. To continue paying rental fees, living blissfully unaware (not after reading this article) of your monthly fees, or you can take the plunge and get better connectivity, lower your internet bill and have the peace of mind that you have a reliable product that is working to provide you with the best service in the market, instead of being saddled with an ancient modem. The choice is yours.

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