wpfast review

WTFast Review

Are you a serious gamer who will spend three days trying out a new game until all levels are completed? Do you dream about knocking off your enemy’s troops or enhancing your equipment so you get stronger? Do you know all the ins and outs of a game, and your skill level just keeps getting better every day, but the only thing holding you back is your connectivity?

If you are any of the above, or just want to enhance your gaming experience, you should know how WTFast can help you. Here's the WPFast Review!

Tell me more about WTFast

You may have heard of this under a different name – GPN (Gamers Private Network). It is a global intelligent proxy network that can reroute traffic so that you get a congestion free path for gaming. One of the biggest things that can hold you back as a gamer are latency issues. If your opponent has a better and faster connection than you, you are automatically at a slight disadvantage. And in a game it could mean the difference between winning and losing.

How Does WTFast work?

WTFast is a game accelerator and uses an optimized pathway from your home network via your wireless router to the gaming server you are connected to, so that your latency issues are reduced to a minimum.

This is all achieved with the help of your ISP, by using pathways within the internet which have less user traffic and less congestion, creating a direct path from your home to the game server. It also adds additional nodes between your packets so you will find that your latency issues are a thing of the past.

Sometimes the path your data takes goes on a congested route which could affect your speed. WTFast optimizes the route your data takes by going through a different route which may be longer, but still offers better performance than the original route. This advantage is possible due to factors such as using glass fiber or even having better performing wireless routers.

Packet loss is something gamers dread and using the path of least resistance will ensure that you get to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience, so that your gaming packets don’t go all over the place trying to get where they need to go.

WTFast tends to pick the best server for your automatically, if you select the ‘choose best’ option. If you want to test out other servers to know for yourself, you have the choice to manually select single servers. As this is a private server network, you bypass all the congestion on main servers, where millions of users or millions of data packets flow through each second, greatly hampering your game responsiveness.

Will WTFast Work for You?

There is honestly only one way to find out. If your RTT currently stands at 100ms and above, it would be beneficial for you to try it out. However, if your RTT is below 100ms, you may not notice any difference to your gaming performance.

Many gamers have tried it out and have had different experiences, some showing marked improvements, while others not much at all.

There are many factors that could affect if WTFast will work for you.

  • Your home’s location
  • Your gaming server’s location
  • Distance between them
  • Obstacles between them

What other options are There to Reduce Latency and Improve Game Speed

WTFast will make a huge difference in lowering your latency and packet loss, but here are a few options that could also help you out.

1) Figuring if the ISP you subscribe to offers the best speeds and connections. One option may be to change your ISP.

2) Upgrading your ISP’s subscription plan. After all, you can’t really expect high speed internet if you are paying for a lower tier plan.

3) If your internet connection is shared with other users, you may want to consider applying Advanced QoS on your wireless router.

4) Update your wireless router and modem specifically built for a high gaming performance.

How can WTFast Help You?

WTFast can help you do the following:
  • Decrease packet loss
  • Lower pings
  • Improve game responsiveness
  • ​Reduce Latency
  • Offers real time analytics so you know your data’s path from your device to game servers, and what happens to your data along the way

Is WTFast for everyone?

If you face no connection issues, you don’t need WTFast as it is basically re-routing data packets around areas where there is frequent congestion. As we say, if you have no problem, let sleeping dogs lie.

Is WTFast safe to Use?

As it is compliant with all popular online games, and does not alter your IP address in any way, it is safe to use. It does not alter any unique identifiers either. So yes, WTFast is safe to use.

There are over 800 games that are compliant with WTFast, so chances are, and default supported games are viewable on the main page of the WTFast website, but you also have the option to do a Custom search for your game, if it is not listed on the site.

Does WTFast modify Traffic?

No, WTFast does not encrypt your data nor modify the traffic going through the GPN to promote transparency. As it is only to optimize game play, it cannot hide your activity in the network. However, it can handle any traffic passing through the GPN.

WTFast allows:

  • you to send game session information over the GPN
  • the flux to be reduced, lower spikes which can really impact your game connection
  • you to directly log in to the game server. This also means you cannot hide your activity nor hide your real IP address

Final Words

WTFast is still relatively new to the gaming world, but it has grown to be a market leader, especially when it comes to improving game responsiveness. If you want to implement every possible option so that you are the best in your game, this may be something you should look into. You can also check out WTFast routers created specifically for the gamer who is looking for the best performance.

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