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New vs. Refurbished Modem/Router

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have a modem and router in your home. With most of us having access to many electronic devices, staying connected has become more important for keeping up to date with personal relationships as well as keeping abreast of what is happening in your business and the world today.

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty details – Which one is better? To be honest, there is no fixed answer. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of purchasing a new or refurbished modem/router.

Modems tend to be rather simple devices that work for a really long time. That means that the technology doesn’t change drastically, like how it does in the electronic world so once you buy a compatible modem, it can sit in your home until it dies off or they become obsolete. But this also means that there are no great advantages in terms of design and usage when you buy a new or a refurbished one. For the uninitiated, refurbished modems and routers are products that have been returned from customers for cosmetic reasons, but are otherwise absolutely the same as new ones.

Is it better to buy a New Modem & Router?

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Buying new is always great – you get something that is absolutely unused, ready to be set up and you have that piece of mind which only comes with a new product. You have no worries of what was wrong with it before or how it was used or other problems that may accompany a not-so-new product. You will be paying more, but you’re also paying for peace of mind and for many people – this is very important.

When you purchase a new router model – you get exactly what you paid for. The exact specs, with the guarantee of no damage and this is a winning point for many customers all over the world who don’t want to deal with the hassle of researching where to buy the best refurbished products, to make sure and double check that they won’t get scammed. Many people will think that spending a few extra dollars, but knowing that what you get is all good is enough to push the scales in buying a new modem/router.

Is it better to buy a refurbished Modem/Router?

Surprisingly, even though they are absolutely the same as new ones, refurbished models could save you a lot of money as they come for considerably cheaper. In this world of technology, where electronic devices are getting cheaper by the day, if any product is returned due to a component fault, most companies would consider that faulty product to be trash and it will be sent to the junk pile. With labour costs amounting to at least $40/ hour, it would make no financial sense to get the faulty model fixed and then resold at a discount – because believe you me, nobody pays top dollar for a product that was returned due to a problem. This is one big reason why refurbished products are sold at attractive rates.

Refurbished Does Not Have To Mean Faulty

Refurbished modems/ routers don’t necessarily have to be faulty products that are returned. It could be as simple a case as a buyer who regrets his purchase and returns the product after only breaking the seal on the box. That product would never have been used and the product would have faced no wear and tear or been exposed to the air outside. However, once the seal is broken and the product is returned, it is deemed as a refurbished product.

Just noticing that a product is refurbished can cause many consumers to shy away from buying the product. They may have concerns that the product may not work as good as new ones due to any fixed defects (which may or may not show up later). However, you should remember that these products are thoroughly checked by technicians and any required repairs are undertaken to make sure the product is functional. This means that you’re actually buying a product that has been fully inspected and verified on its functionality, at times even more than the original model so as to adhere to strict codes.

Bottom Line

So if you’re in the market looking to buy a new modem or router, perhaps you could take a chance and buy a refurbished model, one which will be priced at half the cost of the original yet work perfectly fine. The only word of advice we can offer is to buy it from a reputable seller, preferably from the manufacturer itself if possible to avoid getting scammed or getting stuck with a product that will not work.

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